Choosing a photography location

We love experimenting with locations, pushing the boundaries and coming up with new, never-been-done-before ideas. But something we love more is finding the perfect location for individual clients – something that represents them or is a place of meaning to them. It’s magical when you get this winning combination and the proof is definitely in the photographs.

For Family photos

We recommend choosing somewhere the kids feel comfortable and can have fun. This could be anywhere from a local park to the sandpit in your backyard. Think hard about a place or space that defines you as a family, or represents your interests and/or something you enjoy doing together. For example, don’t choose the beach if you’re not beachgoers. We’ll be able to get nice shots but we’re not going for ‘nice’, we’re going for ‘spectacular’, ‘personal’ and ‘real’. Everyone needs to be relaxed and relishing their environment to achieve a portrait that is absolutely sensational and makes people’s jaws drop when they see it!

For Couple Photos
Where did you meet? Where did you go on your first date? Where did he propose? Where do you always find yourselves on the weekend? These rich details create a beautiful back-story for your photographs and will also help the camera capture the essence of your relationship. Going back to one of these places will also help you to tap back in to some incredible memories and emotions, which our cameras love.

For Pet Photos
The type of pet you’d like a portrait of will usually dictate location. With dogs you have the most flexibility, so if you’d like to get out and about, choose a spot you like to visit on your walks as this will feel like routine for your furry pal. For cats, the best spots around your home will be where he or she likes to hang out the most – this could be an armchair, the windowsill or on the kitchen bench! Embrace their personality and pick somewhere that shows it off.

For Pregnancy Photos
Intimate spaces with natural light works best for pregnancy portraits. We can shoot these in our studio, in front of an amazing window in your home, your light-filled bedroom, on a tree-lined hilltop with the sun in the background… the list goes on. It’s important here that the mum-to-be feels natural in her surroundings and the type of portrait suits her personal style (nature lovers may prefer a grassy setting to a classic studio shoot, for example).

Have fun researching potentials locations and remember to stay true to yourself and your style. Head into our studio, give us a call on 02 9960 4600 or drop us a line and we can recommend some stunning spots for your next portrait.


Capturing your furry friend in a pet portrait

Pet portraits have become increasingly popular in the last year and we have to admit, these shoots are always tonnes of fun for us! They’re a lovely way to honour furry family members and the photos can be used to create art for your home or a keepsake album.

Now, we know what you’re thinking; ‘How on Earth am I going to get my pet to sit still long enough to get a good photo taken?’ And that’s the trick – we’re not going to let your pet sit still. We’re going to let him or her be who they are. This way their personality will shine through, resulting in the best portrait possible.

Our photographers have experiencing with working with animals and have many tips in regards to making the portrait session go as smoothly as possible:

1)   Keep your pet calm: before we arrive, it’s best to avoid hyping your pet up with play. Spend some time lavishing them with attention and affection so they feel peaceful and happy.

2)   Introduce us: on arrival it’s best if we greet your pet in the appropriate manner as determined by you. Let us know what they’re like and what we should expect.

3)   Let them run the show: we’ll get the best photos if we do things on their terms. This could be taking them in their favourite spot (by the window, on the bed, in the lounge chair they’ve clawed numerous times). If they’re happy, you’re happy and that makes us happy!

4)   Don’t take it too seriously: owning a pet is fun, so let the camera capture that. It’s fantastic to have ideas of how you’d like the photos to be (and please let us know!) but with animals it’s good to just go with the flow and see where they take you on the day. Forcing them to do anything they don’t want to do is cruel, unhelpful and will make them reluctant to participate.

5)   Be patient: it can take time to get the perfect picture when working with pets, but we promise you we will. If everyone is patient and positive, your pet will benefit of the good vibes and will probably start showing off for the camera!

So is your pet ready for their close up? Get in touch with us and we can start planning the finer details with you.


Cosmo Bride featuring celeb glamour couple Zoe & Lewis Roberts-Thomson

PowerPoint Presentation

Sydney Swans super star Lewis Roberts- Thomson and his long time love, Zoe Stenmark are featured on their wedding day in this edition of Cosmo Bride. 

There fairytale day was everything you could imagine with gorgeous wedding styling by The Style Co, a custom designed wedding gown by the Master Steven Khalil and of course classic and elegant photography by our gm photographics team.

To see more of this gorgeous wedding album and other celebrity weddings by gm photographics click here

For all of the details and suppliers of this magical Sydney wedding pick up your Cosmo Bride copy today.


PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint Presentation

Zoe & Lewis chose the Foundation Hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art MCA in Sydney for their wedding reception with a black tie guest list of close friends and family.

A stunning day for a  truly beautiful couple…we wish them a long life of happiness and health.