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Family Photo Shoot Ideas: Outfit and Posing Guide

Having a family photoshoot can be an exciting experience that you cannot help but anticipate. While the feeling is positive, you might also find yourself feeling a sense of frustration with struggling to figure out what to wear or how to pose in front of the camera. Your emotions and frustrations are completely normal.  After...

Tips to Look Good on Your LinkedIn Headshots

How amazing it is that we can score tremendous opportunities just by logging into the Internet! Whether you are looking for a job or growing your own company, LinkedIn has become one of the most valuable social media networks for these purposes. It makes sourcing and networking so much easier! However, since LinkedIn has become...

Top Tips for Parents for a Successful Newborn Photo Session

Congratulations on your new baby! Welcoming a new person in your life and growing your family can be exciting and life-changing. Your little bundle of joy can wrap their little fingers around you in an instant that you cannot seem to get enough of them. You might even wish that they stay pocket-sized, cute, and...

Maternity Leaving Gifts For Your Staff

Going on maternity leave will always be a daunting task. When working in an office environment, there will come a time where you will be asked to buy maternity gifts for the mother. If one has no experience with such matters, picking the right gift will surely take some time. The underlying pressure begins to...


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