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Why Your Pet Deserves a Spot in Your Family Portrait

Pets are a source of happiness. They have loving personalities that make us grow fond of them. Taking random pictures of these furry and feathery friends (ours or not) has become second nature to many. Some owners even have Instagram accounts dedicated to their beloved creatures. Such is a fun way of documenting their daily...

We are family…

Ever wondered what our family portrait sessions are like? Take a moment to watch some behind the scenes at some recent shoots in and around Sydney with our Graham Monro Master Photographer and the gm photographics team

Featuring Sandy Folder of local Mosman business”Mini Casa”

UNIQUE INTERIORS, DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN A Mosman resident for 14 years, Sandy Folder is one of our special clients and is also Principal & Interior Decorator of “Mini Casa”. Sandy loves sourcing unique décor from Montmartre and then treating herself to a chocolate twist or popping into One French Summer along Avenue Road. You might also...

Milestone Moments for your family in 2021

With so much lockdown in 2020 and the change in Christmas plans everyone has experienced the same uncertainty of planning and some disappointments of lost family gatherings and celebrations. So it got us thinking about all of the things we have to look forward to as we hopefully see restrictions easing and life returning to...


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