Corporate Photography Sydney

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“Capturing your precious moments, true to life is our misson”



We are here to tell your family story and capture precious memories for your future generations. We don’t just consider ourselves professional photographers… we are professional storytellers…We have deep connections with Sydney and family life and we love documenting people’s stories through our photographs and wall art…


Family Portrait


Wedding Photography


Newborn Photography


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gm photographics is Sydney’s leading boutique family portrait studio. For over 25 years people have trusted us to capture their memories and precious moments.

Led by Canon Master Photographer Graham Monro, our studio prides itself on spontaneously capturing the essence of your family with fun, warmth and creativity.

Capturing your precious moments, true to life, is our mission. We’re so privileged to have this role of documenting family life in an authentic way and we would love to get to know you better and capture your special moments- whatever the occasion is

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“I’m doing what I love – photographing people and their special moments. All of my life and work travels have helped me build strong connections with people. To me photography is not my job; it’s my craft, a lifestyle that I choose, I love and I need”For over 40 years, Canon Master Photographer Graham Monro has been honing his craft as a professional photographer. Whether he’s on the beach, climbing a ladder, crawling along the ground for a better angle, or in a client’s home, Graham is always learning and says that every job makes him a better photographer.“The most rewarding part of our work is when our clients display our images on their walls in their home – The photos that we create become family heirlooms!”

When he’s not taking photos, Graham is a husband to Simona and Dad to twin girls, Sofia & Isabella. It’s rare that you find him without his camera even when he’s out and about mountain biking and kayaking.


Canon EOS | Portrait Photography with Graham Monro




  • tips on styling
  • 30 minute studio photoshoot with one outfit
  • online gallery to select your favourite image
  • one high res & screen res retouched digital file in colour and b&w
Book Now SMB0037


  • tips on styling
  • hair & makeup
  • 1 hour h&m and studio photoshoot with one outfit
  • one high res & screen res retouched digital file in colour and b&w
Book Now SMB0038

Package 3

  • tips on styling
  • hair & makeup
  • 2-3 hour h&m and studio photoshoot and 4 outfits
  • 4 high res & screen res retouched digital file in colour and b&w
Book Now  

If you are looking for style, elegance and classic professional photography, then we are here waiting to capture your special moments. Your milestone memories will be beautifully captured in timeless images that will grace your home for generations to come.

Corporate Photography Sydney

Photography will always play a huge role in the corporate world to promote the business and the activities they are involved in. No matter what industry you are in, high quality photos will always be a factor in attracting customers and promoting your brand, your people.

It only takes a few seconds to form a lasting first impression!

Customers rely on visuals to know whether or not your services are worth the investment. Corporate photography will give your company a chance to show what you can offer. It is important to project an image of who and what you are about that will bring prospective clients and business partners to you.

What is Corporate Photography?

Corporate Photography is a broad term that can encompass any photography done for the purpose of use by a company or business.

Graham Monro from gm photographics is a professional Sydney corporate photographer who has built a reputation when working with companies as being dependable and experienced. Dedicated to producing high quality corporate headshots Sydney and corporate portraits Sydney for companies, he knows that the photo taken has to ensure that your company is showcased for its professionalism.

Companies view these photos as an investment for their exposure and their branding, each photograph taken will play an important role for it’s marketing goals. gm photographics understand that in an ever changing corporate and social media driven platform, it is vital for companies to have quality, yet affordable photographs that will resonate with industry peers and potential customers. 

What are the Benefits of Corporate Photography?

Corporate photographer Sydney aim to provide images that companies can use to represent their brand across all media platforms, whether it’s printed or digital, those images will aid potential customers to visualise the goods and/or services you provide. It gives a glimpse as to what kind of business you have and what you can do for them. It’s about the story telling behind the company. 

Graham and his staff have the corporate acumen of what captures a client’s eyes, how visualisation is key, and with that knowledge, can highlight the best qualities of your people and products and even your location. Capturing creative and unique images which reflect your business and stunning images to portray your brand. 

Your Corporate Authenticity is key!

The requirement for a company to have a digital presence also means the company must have some sort of online verification to it’s digital existence. Corporate photography will help provide your company’s authenticity. The consistency of your photos also strengthens the identity of your company rather than using stock photos and gives your business a more trustworthy appeal.

Professional Appearance

Simply put, having professional photos will make your brand memorable as generally people remember what they see. Your corporate photos will grab the attention of your customers, proving not only a great first impression but a lasting impression. High quality photos will make your company stand out from the crowd and the imagery provided from a professional photo shoot cannot be replicated by the use of even the best quality equipment without an experienced photographer behind the lens..

gm Photographics offers a comprehensive corporate photoshoot experience. The best way to make a good first impression is with professional corporate photography.

We offer photography services for businesses that want clean, high-end photography for their website, social media accounts, and for their marketing and branding material. Our photos can be used at your trade shows, conferences and events, for your E-learning and training sessions, your business organisational chart or for any use purpose as required by your company.

We offer professional Corporate photography Sydney tailored to meet your business needs on location or at your place of business starting from $295.

We also offer other services like event photographer sydney, engagement photography sydney and celebrity photography sydney.

For more information about our services you can please contact us here.

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5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 158 Reviews

Steph Halpin Steph Halpin

I booked a family photoshoot with gm photographics as a present for my mums birthday. My parents were a bit hesitant at first as we had never had professional family photos before…

Gabriela Christian-Hare Gabriela Christian-Hare Graham and Joy were very engaging and able to draw out and reflect the personality of our family through the photographs… Brittany H Brittany H

I had the best experience with Graham & the team at GM Photographics. My dog, Romeo had his pet portraits done and even being a timid dog with a fear of men, he did so well at this shoot…

Jennifer Harvey Jennifer Harvey

This turned out to be an excellent experience for the family. Despite the kids being very hesitant (and me insisting on a family photo before they got too old)…

Keiran 1997 Keiran 1997

Way back in 1997 we asked Graham to take our wedding photographs. We had admired the photos Graham had taken for our friend’s wedding as he had managed to capture…

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5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 197 Reviews

Julianne Pech Julianne Pech

Graham photographed our Wedding 22 yrs ago and we recently asked him to our home to photograph our family…

Neen Cook Neen Cook You captured the souls & connections of my beautiful teens and even the dog ! Priceless photos within the home with fidgety older teens in both colour… Zaria L Narayan Zaria L Narayan

gm photographics, Graham photographed our wedding nearly 20 years ago, he was professional and personable…

Lucy Jones Lucy Jones

Always provide great shots – great to deal with too

Rachel Beretta Rachel Beretta

Have done a number of family photo shoots, but have never experienced such efficiency…

SEE FACEBOOK REVIEWS confident-entrepreneur-satisfied-with-own-success_1163-5474 MC-PennysButcher0017 MC-Alex Bissau0036


How do I prepare my family for a shoot?

We want to make your family’s photography experience to be hassle free yet memorable, so we have created a step-by-step guide to plan your perfect portrait session. Simply follow each step below to get started.

1. Select a location

2. Pick your style

3. Follow our getting ready tips

4. Personalise your photography session

5. Submit your photography session plan

We will speak to you about these steps at your personal consultation over the phone or in our showroom, We will guide you every step of the way.

Should I choose a studio, home or location shoot?

We shoot at all three! Think about what you want your shoot to look like but also where you are most comfortable.

We specialise shooting on location, we love to photograph your family at one of your favourite locations – such as: Balmoral Beach, Clifton Gardens (dog friendly), Chinamans Beach, Bradley’s Head, Freshwater Beach, Nielsen Park + Centennial Park plus many more.

However, if you would like us to come to your home we love to capture you in your natural environment where you feel relaxed and at ease.

We also have a small studio where we can photograph newborns and children.

We are nervous and my child can be shy. Will you still get great photos?

Most people are, but rest assured we are here to guide you every step of the way.

We meet all kinds of personalities over the years. Graham and our assistants have lots of tricks up their sleeve to help shy kids relax and come out of their shell. Trust us, you are in good hands!

If your child is especially shy, perhaps bring them by the studio before your shoot to meet us, so we aren’t meeting for the first time at the shoot.

What happens after our photo shoot?

After your photo shoot we work hard downloading and editing your images. A week after your photo shoot they will be ready to view at our Mosman showroom.

Your cinema viewing session lasts between 1-2hours with our design consultant.

This is your one opportunity to view, design and purchase the images that you love. We suggest leaving the children with your babysitter so you can make decisions and enjoy the process.

Who is the photographer?

Graham Monro has been the main photographer at gm photographics for over 26 years. However, we have many other talented photographers that also shoot for us.

Simona and Joy assist Graham on shoots, but they also love taking photos themselves and are always eager to get behind the camera.

How long does the shoot last?

Please allow up to 1 hour for all family shoots.

Allow 1.5 hours if it is an extended family shoot.

If we are photographing your newborn photos, please allow 2-3 hours so there is time for feeding and settling between takes.

If you are bringing pets allow an extra 15-30 minutes.

What is included in the gm experience + how much does it cost?

Photo shoots cost $150 on a weekday and $250 on a weekend

Extended family cost $250 weekday or weekend.

The shoot fee includes

  • a 40 minute consultation at our Mosman showroom
  • 1 hour family location shoot with photographer and director
  • plus a cinema viewing session with our design consultant.

What should we choose to wear for our professional family photographs?

The number one rule is to be yourselves and be comfortable with what you choose to wear. The only advice we would give you is to make sure that you don’t clash with other family members. For example wearing patterned clothes is ok, but if all the family are wearing patterns you can imagine how busy the photos will look, so please keep it simple, but don’t be afraid of patterns and colours if that’s who you are!

Pastel colours work well and we love when you accessorise with hats, scarves and jewellery.

What should we bring to our shoot?

Every family is individual, so please bring along anything that might be meaningful to you and your children right now. For example, musical instruments, scooter, bike, toys, scarfs, beanie, hat, swimmers, and bucket and spade for the beach etc

Also don’t forget to bring a change of clothes and a towel, incase the kids go in the water and get wet.

What happens if it rains the day of our photograph shoot?

As you know, shooting outside can be unpredictable, we will be in contact with you before the shoot date to confirm and do a weather check.

If it rains on the day of the shoot we can reschedule.


If you’d like to talk about corporate and commercial photography, please get in touch.

You can contact us through call or email. We’re excited to hear from you.

  Tuesday-Saturday 9am – 5pm

  02 9960 4600



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