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Family Photo Shoot Ideas: Outfit and Posing Guide

Having a family photoshoot can be an exciting experience that you cannot help but anticipate. While the feeling is positive, you might also find yourself feeling a sense of frustration with struggling to figure out what to wear or how to pose in front of the camera. Your emotions and frustrations are completely normal.  After all, the fruits of the session are photographs that will last forever. These will be up on the walls of your home in the years to come. It is challenging at the best of times to work out what you are going to wear day to day let alone having to decide on what outfits to wear that will last a lifetime.  Coordinating poses can be just as challenging and if not even more frustrating. 

This is where gm photographics professional family photographers can guide you through styling coordination and photoshoot locations.

You want everyone in the family to feel comfortable and look great. Being yourselves during the session will reflect the true personalities of everyone. This way, you will end up having excellent portraits that will do your family justice. The good thing is, we have the same goal. Let us give you some helpful outfit and posing tips so preparing for your next photoshoot will not be so time-consuming.

Coordinate, not match, outfits.

Gone are the days when the whole family wore identical pieces of clothing.  Today’s portraits are about individuality.  Allow each person’s personality to shine with colours and patterns as long as it coordinates with the theme and everyone else’s. All you have to do is choose a colour palette and decide on your clothes from there. When it comes to matching the colour of your clothes and your backdrop, there is one thing to keep in mind.  It is best to wear light on light and dark on dark. 

Choose a colour palette that matches your home.

This tip applies to both your photography shoot outfits and location. You might wonder why your home has to do with these. It is a crucial factor if you intend to hang your photograph on the walls of your home, so you would want to make sure the picture’s vibe fits well in with your house style.

Keep your clothing simple.

Since a family photography session is not an everyday event, most people think the grander, the better and decide to invest in elaborate and at times expensive outfits. For some a great excuse to go out and go shopping, any excuse will do but honestly a  tried-and-tested road to beautiful, timeless family photographs is simple attire. You want your images to reflect your family, the connections, the bond.  You don’t want the subject of discussion to be ‘oh my god’ what were they thinking wearing that!. Also limit overwhelming colours and patterns.

Add minimal accessories.

Accessories can add personality to your photos and can make great props for interactive poses.  For interactive family photos consider a person putting a jacket on or off another family member, or a necklace being clasped onto your loved ones neck line. Cute hats, scarves, and coats are some things kids can play with or hide behind.  Just remember, keep it at a minimum for optimal visual results.  

Consider your photography location, theme and season.

If you are going for a special occasion such as the holidays, you may want to plan your outfit that suits the holiday location.  No point in wearing a ski jacket at the beach!   Do the same when the milieu of your photographs depends on a theme or a season. If you are a family of beach goers and nature lovers, consider a colour palette that majors in white and blue or green and brown.  For sports enthusiasts or musicians, wearing sporting or music apparel would suit the styling.

For Autumn photoshoots, choosing outfits with warm colours and earth tones is best. For family pictures at the beach, on the other hand, cooler tones such as green and blue and a hint of coral are ideal. If your venue is in the great outdoors, it might be wise to wear clothes suitable for walking and running and sitting or lying on the ground.

When it comes to how to structure your family with their positions and their posing, classic styling is either standing and/or sitting side-by-side are great as an introductory.  Walking poses have become extremely popular and when done right look so authentic and make incredible entry wall hanging prints. Walking photos take the nervous energy away from people and ideal for the little shy children to get them moving and interactive..  Photographers get the children involved by asking them to  do a “one, two, three, jump!” or run ahead while still holding their hands.

An example of an interactive pose that conveys a close connection among family members is a piggyback ride. This can be demonstrated by a parent or an older sibling who carries a younger child on their back.  Other poses that deliver affection can be displayed by hugging or sharing kisses on the cheeks.

Basically, you do not have to give much thought to posing because an excellent photographer will guide your family through it.  Bring your confident and radiant selves, and trust your photoshoot in the hands of exceptional family photographers gm photographics.  We have over 25 years of  experience, and we ensure natural, candid, and photo-journalistic images that will last a lifetime. 

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