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Featuring Sandy Folder of local Mosman business”Mini Casa”


A Mosman resident for 14 years, Sandy Folder is one of our special clients and is also Principal & Interior Decorator of “Mini Casa”.

Sandy loves sourcing unique décor from Montmartre and then treating herself to a chocolate twist or popping into One French Summer along Avenue Road.

You might also see her at Papaya Homeware as they have just expanded their kids range and have some beautiful bed heads, rugs and storage baskets. 

Sandy has just been featured in Inside Out Magazine… 

It’s not surprising to learn that Sandy Folder’s childhood cubby house was the envy of all her friends. 

Built by her grandfather to reflect Sandy’s whimsical requests, the structure was so fabulous that it even required the submission of a Development Application to her local council. Such was her passion for design – even as a child – that Sandy’s ideas informed the cubby house’s interior decor and floorplan.

And while her style has evolved over time, it was this same innate eye for detail and love of interiors which was the driving force behind Sandy’s new business venture, MINI CASA. Launched in March, the boutique interior design agency is all about creating unique children’s rooms, designed for living.

“I love to create rooms that tell a story,” Sandy says.

“Every child is different and it’s important to create unique spaces that talk to them, inspire them, make them happy, and work functionally for both play and relaxation.”

The MINI CASA brand ethos is about creating fun and colourful interiors that reflect every child’s unique personality and lifestyle needs.

Sandy sources character-filled and custom furniture and décor to enhance every space she creates – including bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms – and to meet her clients’ individual requirements.

Launching the business was a significant career change for the mother-of-three who, as a marketing and communications manager for a luxury hotel, was more used to rubbing shoulders with the likes of Zac Efron, Cindy Crawford and Sofia Loren.

But swapping celebrity clientele to immerse herself in all things children has allowed Sandy to draw on her sense of creativity and imagination – traits she rediscovered after the birth of her first child, Will, now 10.

As a new mum, she found juggling her work and personal life a challenge. It was then that she decided to re-design her career. Sandy launched herself into studying interior design, reigniting the passion that saw her, as a child, regularly drawing up house designs.

Sandy has since made the most of opportunities to further enhance her design skills, including undertaking a design masterclass with well-known British interior designer Abigail Ahearn and a styling stint with founder of Greenhouse Interiors, Julia Green – both known for their adventurous use of colour and texture.

“As you can probably tell, interior design has become my passion and I have not stopped since,” Sandy says.

Despite its infancy, MINI CASA continues to gain a loyal following of lovers of all things interiors. Sandy is currently contributing to the design of indoor and outdoor play areas at Home HQ Artarmon, by designing two large artworks for the spaces – a career highlight.

“The artworks will help bring the spaces to life and will encourage children’s imaginations to run wild – something that I am particularly passionate about in my work,” Sandy explains.

“There is meaning behind what I do, and I am endlessly inspired to create cherished spaces for children.”

For more information contact Sandy
e: sandy@minicasa.com.au 
p: 0404 064 828


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