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From the photographic archives of the Master Graham Monro

I have been taking photographs since I was 14.

My first published photo was of the family cat in The Sun newspaper in the kids section…I won 6 months supply of cat food. The cat would not eat it so I sold it to my Aunty Irene for $10.

I was on the way to fame and fortune, or so I thought.

From age 16 I was the Sydney motorcycle rep for Australian Motorcycle News AMCN. I used to catch the train then hitchhike out to Amaroo and Oran Park. I was mad keen on motorbikes and karate.

Fortunately, I got madder and keener on photography.

Over the years I have photographed many people both famous and infamous.

Merv and his tattooed suit, in the days before everyone had a tattoo and it was only bikies, crims  and sailors had them.

I photographed Brooke Shields as the cover girl of Inside Sport as a build up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics on top of the Harbour Bridge with Richard Wilkins sneaking in for a snog at lunchtime.

Brooke liked me and gave me her phone number, but I never called.

Rene Rivkin puffing on a big fat cigar.

Standing on the seat of my BMW R90S , what a great touring bike it was.

Stills from the first Moove milk ads in the late 70’s.

Training in the surf at Bronte with the Kyokushin boy

And so it goes.

More archive shots to follow…..


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