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Maternity Leaving Gifts For Your Staff

Going on maternity leave will always be a daunting task. When working in an office environment, there will come a time where you will be asked to buy maternity gifts for the mother. If one has no experience with such matters, picking the right gift will surely take some time. The underlying pressure begins to show when you need to choose something with value for money, all while being practical at the same time.

When choosing a gift, it is usually better to think of what the mother can use once the baby is born. Whether it be small or large, mothers will always receive it with open arms. Here we have gathered a few ideas as to what you can give to your expectant staff.

Milestone Discs

Milestone discs are one of the not so common gifts mums can get. When their baby is born, they will surely be documenting the process of their day to day growth. Whether they hire a photographer or use their own phone, having this prop ready will put a smile on their face. Most discs include the number of weeks and even months.

This also makes it more personal with the mother. Being able to provide something that can monitor their baby’s growth will make it worthwhile. These items are also durable and can even be reused if they ever get blessed with another baby!

Sensory Boards

Another contestant to unconventional gifts. Babies will always have the natural tendency to explore their world with curiosity. Giving a mother this gift will be able to help her in the long run.

The good thing with sensory boards is that mothers can also use these as props when taking photos of their loved ones! Most sensory play boards are colourful to keep the baby’s attention. Aside from keeping them busy and looking cute, they get to develop important skills such as cognitive and motor skills.

Baby Record Book

This gift will make mothers take note of every little detail their little one goes through. Baby record books are perfect if the person is a first-time mother. Being able to record important events through pictures and notes will make their tiny achievements even more worthwhile. 

Most baby record books are separated into month-by-month sections. There will be designated spaces for photos for their newborn photography session, pages to fill with what their baby likes such as songs and toys, or even small folders to keep minor documents safe.

Maternity & Newborn Photoshoot

It’s already a given how mothers will set aside the time of day to take pictures of their babies. Sleeping, eating, or even crying, they will document each moment that passes by. As an unexpected gift to your staff, giving them a maternity photoshoot as a gift will surely bring joy to their household.

Being given the chance to let a professional photographer take high-quality photos of their baby will make their journey even more exciting. Here at gm photographics, we have special vouchers that you can avail of to surprise the new mother. We believe that being able to let a mother see their baby through a photographer’s lens will make them proud.

As time flies by, the mother will be excited to show their toddlers photos of when they were still infants. Maternity and newborn photo shoots will give their child an idea as to how excited they were for their arrival. It will also give the mother appreciation for being able to carry new life in her.

Gift Sets

If you still aren’t sure what to give your soon-to-be mother, relying on gift sets will save a lot of time and effort. Most baby gift sets come with complete wrapping and even a card. If the gift set is a shared effort, your coworkers and staff can chip in to get the best gift set any mother can appreciate.

Do take note that there are many kinds of gift sets. Some offer milk, bottles, and others offer welfare bundles. Choosing the best set will take time but as long as the effort is there, any baby set will make mothers happy. 

Oftentimes, employers will be too busy running their company. It is highly recommended to also check in to see whether your employees’ welfare is taken care of. Expectant or even new mothers will be tricky due to their raging hormones but simply showing that you support them in their journey will be a good enough gift.

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