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Multi generational shoots in time for Christmas

Christmas is coming…it’s just around the corner Family photos make the perfect Christmas gift and grand parents just love them!
To have your beautiful artworks ready in time for Christmas you must act now our spots are filling up fast. To make sure your orders are back in time for Christmas you must book your shoot before Sunday 11th November, don’t miss out!
Is the family getting together over the holidays? Are the kids back from their Gap year?
The long awaited rain is passing and Spring is finally here and now that daylight savings is upon us we are out and photographing early evening weekday shoots. The light is beautiful and the beaches nearly empty at 6pm. That means, no crowds, easy parking and gorgeous soft spring light makes for relaxing and enjoyable photography. And then our families go to dinner afterwards. When it comes to local photography locations – Clifton Gardens you’ve got Ripples or East Cast Lounge The Jetty. At Balmoral the dinner choices are many and varied with two of our favourites being Bathers Pavilion or Public Dining Room.
Or the other option is to have your family shoot early mornings from 7am from Tuesday to Sunday. Again enjoying the empty beaches.
Blink and Christmas will be here! Is this the fastest year ever or I am just getting older and everything is just getting faster?
Christmas is all about family. And this year we are taking bookings for big family get togethers. Celebrate your family and do a multi generational shoot.
Sop why not capture the whole tribe together? This is your life and your tribe. Get a photo of the whole tribe together and then just grandparents and grandkids. Get a shot of the grandparents with all of your siblings and all the variations of families together too. And what about a nice photo of the grandparents together just for them…These photos will become family heirlooms. This alone is a great reason to capture your family and frame it forever!
‘Looking at family photos helps children create a sense of identity and gives them the gift of the past,’ explains Dana Denis-Smith, whose recent TED talk ‘How to be Remembered’ is about the importance of preserving our memories.
Read this great link about lost family photos below …the ‘lost generation’ – an era of people, currently fairly young, who risk losing these magical images of their childhood and with it, a strong sense of their history. 
Contact us today to book your extended family portrait shoot in time for Christmas on 9960 4600.
We hope to see you in our showroom soon.
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