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Outdoor or Studio Maternity Photos: How to Decide

Every expectant mum like you deserves a treat that is a maternity photography session. Not only does it allow you to flaunt your pregnancy glow and baby bump, but it also gives you the chance to tell your baby’s story right from the beginning. So, yay and thanks to you for thinking ahead on your maternity session!

You must be wondering when the best time to schedule your maternity photo shoot is. While it depends on your preference, it will be optimal to have it between 28 and 36 weeks into your pregnancy! During this window, you will have a nice round belly perfect for showing off. Plus, it is less physically taxing. You will still feel comfortable enough to stand, move around, and pose during the shoot without much hassle!

When it comes to the location, most pregnant moms believe that an outdoor shoot is most appropriate for a summer belly while indoors is best for a winter one. At gm photographics, we believe that the location comes down to your vision for your photographs and the style and vibe you want to embrace–regardless of the season. Both photography sessions can be equally impeccable and give you excellent pictures for you and your family to cherish. However, these have their own pros and cons. If you have trouble making up your mind, allow us to help you decide on and prepare ahead of time for the maternity session of your dreams!

Outdoor Maternity Photography Session

With outdoor maternity photoshoots, the possibilities are endless. For instance, if you are a mother nature lover, ideal places are beaches, parks, lakes, the bush, or somewhere with a mountain view. Remember, every photograph of a woman in an enthralling nature scene is just glorious! If you are an urban enthusiast, you can take stunning images in the middle of your favourite spots in the city. You can also opt for your local tourist spots. Regardless of your pick, an outdoor location will add its unique appeal to your images!

Aside from allowing a myriad of breathtaking sceneries and colourful backgrounds, outdoor shoots can grace images with the ethereal and dewy vibe of the morning or the relaxed mood given by the sunset. Hence, take advantage of the natural light’s soft charms! 

Moreover, since outdoor photoshoots are walking sessions, you might discover new gems in any location. Your older kids are free to join as you will have enough room to roam around in. If your brood is not used to being in front of the camera, you can just pretend that it’s an ordinary day and be yourselves! With an excellent professional by your side, you are guaranteed breathtaking, candid photographs of day-to-day yet precious interactions and moments as they unfold. Plus, they will guide you through natural poses if need be.

Location photoshoots, however, are not without their challenges. As mentioned, you will probably walk a lot. The good news is, if you are opting for an urban shoot, you can always hop in and out of shops for quick mama breaks. Else, have your car parked somewhere easily accessible so you can enjoy some downtime. Also, outdoor shoots are prone to weather constraints, yet with cooperative weather and light and a plan B, the sky is the limit!

Indoor Maternity Photography Session

When it comes to indoor photoshoots, you have two options. You can savour elegance in stunning indoor locations such as libraries and mansions. But if you want someplace more intimate, your home or your photographer’s private studio will do the trick!

They say everyone loves a mama with a bump. This is a piece of bad news for a shy mum or one who feels uncomfortable showing her bump in public. If you want to avoid onlookers and photobombers, going for an indoor shoot will allow you to relish the comforts of a private and controlled atmosphere. You do not have to worry about the weather and the possibilities of rescheduling. Plus, it makes a great setting if you want to wear as little as you want and expose some skin!

A studio session is also the best option if you prefer shots with everyone in the frame looking directly at the camera. It also makes coordinating poses easier. However, multiple images may resemble each other due to limitations of scenery. Hence, if you are up to challenging your creativity, you better get on your game!

Regardless of the setting, you can trust gm photographics for pictures that hold your family’s essence with an artistic approach that catches raw emotion and tenderness. Experts in family photography, we curate a maternity photoshoot experience bespoke for your growing family. Entertaining toddlers and scheduling dates are a breeze to us! Hence, let us invite you to our private studio, where we make magic with our lighting and backdrops. Else, have us at your home or the indoor or outdoor scene of your choice. 

For maternity images that capture life as it happens, get in touch with us.

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