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The Pros and Cons of Indoor and Outdoor Photography

Nowadays, you do not need an epic reason or excuse to have a photoshoot. You can have one simply because you want to. Posing in front of the camera and having photographs to look forward to are some of the most exciting things to do.

Preparing for a photoshoot, however, is not a breeze. This is true, especially if there are plenty of themes, outfits, and props you want to try. Indeed, once your creativity is sparked and lots of ideas come popping, it is hard to slow down and decide on one. Moreso, whether it is for a family, engagement, or wedding portrait or for simply documenting life as it unfolds, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the location.

Basically, there are two broad options for a photoshoot setting: indoor and outdoor. Some photographers consider shooting indoors as a better choice, while others prefer going outdoors. At gm photographics, we have a professional team trained with techniques that make photographs exemplary in both settings. With us, the location all comes down to your personal preference. To find out which one is the best for you, allow us to walk you through the pros and cons of each.

Indoor Photoshoot

Indoor photoshoots are typically held in a photo studio. However, as the name suggests, these sessions take place at home or inside a building or a closed structure. Hence, you can also have these in any indoor space, public or private, such as your home, your favourite coffee shop, or a museum. 

If you opt for an indoor session, you can enjoy the comforts and convenience of a controlled environment. This means you do not have to face mother nature’s unpredictability. Plus, you can rest assured you have access to decent restrooms, electric sockets for your gadgets, and other amenities that make shooting less challenging. You are also free from possible onlookers and photo bombers that may distract you and appear in your photographs, which is a big no if you value privacy. Lastly, indoor photoshoots spare your photographer from factoring in ambient light sources because they can use studio lighting to their advantage and create effects with it.

Indoor photoshoots are not without disadvantages, though. For one, it is subject to time constraints. When you work in a rented space, every minute matters as you are allowed only a particular schedule. Other factors to think about are behavioural restrictions imposed in the place. These may stand in the way of how you want to execute the scenes and poses for your shots. 

Outdoor or Location Photoshoot

Many photographers love doing outdoor sessions because of the variety it offers. In the great outdoors, you have endless background options. These include serene parks, enthralling beaches, a beautiful city, and iconic landmarks, which you do not have to and cannot manufacture. You can move around a lot and play with angles. Not only can you savour a natural, organic atmosphere, which can be tough to recreate in an indoor environment. But you may also use natural or man-made elements such as trees and monuments as props. As a result, you will have images that look significantly different from each other!

Aside from letting you enjoy the beauty of nature or your city, an outdoor session can give you space to relax and loosen up, too. This is an advantage if you or your companion are not used to being in front of the camera. While your photographer can give you coaching on poses, in an outdoor shoot with them, you can act as you naturally are and will not feel as if you are in the spotlight. The expert will capture your moments and the in-betweens as they unfold under the natural light.

While outdoor locations have fewer space limitations compared to indoor ones, these have drawbacks of their own. Shooting outside means you might face the inconvenience brought about by unforeseen weather changes and crowds.

To beat the crowds and get the best lighting conditions early mornings and early evenings are best.

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It’s best to choose a location most suited for you. With gm photographics, you can have access to our cosy private photography studio at Leichhardt. Babies are welcome! For outdoor sessions, you can take us anywhere you want. Browse our portfolio here.


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