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Tips to Look Good on Your LinkedIn Headshots

How amazing it is that we can score tremendous opportunities just by logging into the Internet! Whether you are looking for a job or growing your own company, LinkedIn has become one of the most valuable social media networks for these purposes. It makes sourcing and networking so much easier!

However, since LinkedIn has become a global talent marketplace that stretches around the globe, competition is high. Now, almost every working professional is on the site. Plus, the world has become fast-paced. It takes the average person only seconds to notice your profile in a list of possible candidates. Therefore it is crucial to put your best foot forward and look for ways to stand out from the rest of your competition.

One of the best ways to catch other people’s attention on LinkedIn is by using an impeccable headshot as a profile photo. Your headshot is your first introduction to prospects and it is a great marketing tool if used effectively.  Your professional avatar serves as your logo and is what people use to base first and lasting impression about you.  You need to make sure your image complies with LinkedIn’s rules and you image will provide a good and lasting impression. This way, you will establish initial links with professionals who may help elevate your career or grow your business without much effort.

At gm photographics let us share a few tips on how to raise your LinkedIn profile photo:

  • Do not use a selfie

When it comes to attracting prospective employers or business partners, it is crucial to look approachable. However, some people think this word translates to “casual” and do not mind using a selfie as a LinkedIn profile picture. It is unlikely that decision-makers think the same way because, for them, “casual” may convey a message of unprofessionalism. 

According to studies, LinkedIn profiles with high-resolution professional headshots get more profile views and are more likely to receive inquiries and responses. So go for a look that shows qualities of hard work and competence. Putting the effort and investing time to get a proper headshot presents professionalism and a great work ethic.

  • Use a recent picture

While you might be tempted to use a great shot taken 5 years ago it is actually not a good idea. When it comes to profile pictures, it is crucial to show how you look at the moment, be relevant and ensure what you see is what you will receive.  Be current!

Using a portrait that does not depict the current you may be taken as a sign of deception. Once you meet up in person with a potential client or business partner and the latter fails to recognize you, this may raise a red flag. The act may be interpreted as a form of deception. You want to build initial trust by having a current photo.  If you can’t be trusted to show the real you can you really be trusted with other things!. We recommend always using an updated profile picture and changing it at least every year or two or after specifically for any physical change.  For example if you go from blonde to brunette or from long to short hair….

  • Dress as how you do at work

Wear the type of clothes that you would wear at your job. This way, you will project an image of someone the recruiter or potential business partner will imagine working with!  Make sure that the clothes in the picture match your profession. If you work in finance or management, wear corporate attire. If you are a creative or in IT, business casual will suffice.  If you work as a landscaper then where your uniform (hint: a uniform inclusive of your business is additional advertising).

  • Use an industry-appropriate backdrop

Different industries have different atmospheres. While no rule about backdrops is set in stone, make sure it adapts to your profession. Also, avoid backgrounds with distracting elements. 

  • Smile as you mean it

When taking your LinkedIn headshot, smile and look at the camera as if it is your potential client or business partner. Smiling with your lips and eyes will definitely attract prospects ! Everyone would want to do business with someone genuine and warm, so let your true self shine through and show these sides of you!

  • Avoid  over editing

Avoid using an overly photoshopped image. This may cause your profile to be looked at with caution.  Remember the purpose of editing is to remove distracting details, minimize blemishes, and enhance your natural beauty.  Look as authentic as possible.  When it comes to editing your image, make sure you are doing this only for the reasons stated.

  • Hire a professional photographer

Your LinkedIn profile picture and your bio are key points of interest for recruiters and business collaborators. If you are serious about increasing the chances of your profile being noticed and standing out, consider hiring an expert photographer for your headshot.

A professional LinkedIn headshot photographer will know all the dos and don’ts. Also, they are very well versed with the technicalities of picture-taking such as lighting, temperature, contrast and the like and use these to their advantage. With a professional photographer, you can rest assured your images will be post-processed, without heavy editing and will be provided in the correct format and size!

Set yourself up for success with a stunning professional headshot taken by the gm photographics team. With decades of experience, we bring clean, high-end photography. As your partner for success, we ensure a triumphant photoshoot and remarkable images in both colour and black & white that will definitely strike a lasting impression!

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