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Top Tips for Parents for a Successful Newborn Photo Session

Congratulations on your new baby!

Welcoming a new person in your life and growing your family can be exciting and life-changing. Your little bundle of joy can wrap their little fingers around you in an instant that you cannot seem to get enough of them. You might even wish that they stay pocket-sized, cute, and innocent forever. Enchanted by their charm, you might fail to notice that time flies and that they grow sooner than you expected them to be. That is why it is crucial to treasure every moment you have with them through newborn photography.

Newborn photography allows you to capture and immortalize the fleeting yet precious moments of little bub’s infant life. Not only will high-quality photographs let you look back to these times. These also make invaluable gifts to loved ones who wish to be part of your journey as you raise your child. In the future, when little darling has grown up, they might appreciate seeing pictures of themselves. They may also feel a sense of belongingness in a family that loves them enough to keep mementos of them from once upon a time.

At gm photographics, we believe a newborn photo session can be enjoyable and stress-free. Hence, allow us to share some tips to help you prepare for a fun one!

  • Book your session as soon as possible

The ideal time for a photoshoot with an infant is the first two weeks after their arrival. Their sleepiness allows us to handle them easily since, at this stage, they are in their most behaved state, making posing and moving them around more convenient. Hence, the sooner, the better. However, if you are more comfortable having a shoot later, it will be no problem. Most photographers are trained and flexible! If you want to capture moments with more movements and show your newborn’s personality, just make sure to do it before they turn two months old.

  • Communicate your expectations

While a good photographer is trained and equipped for newborn photography, it is still best to coordinate your wants and manage your expectations. Talking to them about and showing your ideal style and visualized outcome for the session is a great way to step further to your desired results. To make it easier, hop on Pinterest for excellent newborn session ideas, collect several inspirations by pinning images on a Pinterest board and show them to your photographer before the photoshoot. A professional and creative photographer will do their best to make your fair wishes a reality.

  • Go for the perfect location

At their age, babies are still sensitive to most forms of light, especially to powerful ones. Hence, a place showered with a generous amount of natural light is the best location for a photo session. Aside from making itself the perfect lighting that gives glow in photographs, sunlight minimises the need to use flash and artificial light.

  • Safety first, comfort second

Babies are also sensitive to low temperatures. If you want to have a smooth newborn session, you would like everyone to come in comfortable clothing. While most parents want to keep their little ones naked or in minimalist attire to show their simple nature, we recommend keeping the temperature in the room optimal and snuggling little bub in fuzzy clothing. Studios are great for this as they are heated for winter and cooled for summer.

When it comes to wardrobe aesthetics, avoiding patterns that may seem distracting is the way to go. We suggest that everyone wears solid, complementary colours that match the theme you are going for. Else, ones that represent or are significant to your family. You can also coordinate outfits with different tones that go together for visually pleasing photographs!

  • Keep the baby awake for at least an hour into the session

It is no secret that infants sleep most of the time. Hence, try to keep your little bub up at least one hour into your appointment. This way, we can capture both of their waking and sleeping moments. The former is apt for interactive shots with parents. On the other hand, the latter is suitable for curling them up or setting them up in buckets or baskets, which show much of their smallness and infancy.

  • Feed the baby beforehand

A happy and content baby will be in a great mood. Having them in this condition increases the chances of avoiding frantic cries that may disrupt the session. Less crying will make a successful and relaxed photography session for everyone. Hence, feed and burp the little one for between 20 and 30 minutes before your appointment.

And of course feeding baby at the photosession is always fine !

  • Bring extras

To add variety to your shots, prepare and bring two to three adorable outfits for your little darling. This may range from regular clothing to onesie costumes. Also, while most photographers have props, it is always best to bring some, especially if your theme is unique or you want images that speak your family name loudly. Most parents opt to add knitted hats, matching socks, stuffed toys, and family heirlooms. With these, your photographs will never come across as boring!

No one can really know how your newborn photography session will go but with gm photographics, it will be a success. At our cosy studio in Leichhardt, you will have a comfortable and safe session. Aside from impeccable photographs, you can expect us to give you breaks during the session to accommodate little bub’s unpredictable behaviour. For an easy and relaxed session, get in touch with us so we can start manifesting Pinterest-worthy photographs of your baby!

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