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You love your pets…and we love to photograph them for you

Whenever we get booked for a family photoshoot and talk about the family the first words usually are….  “ We have 3 kids and a dog! “
“We have 2 dogs , 2 cats and 4 kids oh and my husband!”
“ Can you come to Dural as we have 8 horses , 2 dogs and oh yeah 4 kids?”

One of my most memorable was The King family who have 3 kids a rabbit an adopted street dog from Chile that tried to bite me and a duck!

We started the photos at the island at Balmoral and walked up the beach to the Public Dining Room and jetty. Wow, did we get some double looks that day.

Our pets are such a huge part of our lives.
I have 2 cats and a dog and 2 fourteen year old daughters and a gorgeous wife. My last cat lasted 24 years and after he passed my wife gave me a montaged frame set of photos of him for Christmas.
I really wanted a Ford Mustang but the photos of Motzie were a good but distant second.

Over the years we have photographed lots of pets.
In Mosman the best dog friendly beach for photos is Clifton Gardens.
Sirius Cove is great for the dog to run around and have lots of fun but is too crowded with dogs and you’re always getting photobombed by random dogs. And its too hard on little kids as all this other dogs run in and I think increase the danger factor.

What’s your favourite dog space? Home is always a great one.

In the eastern suburbs I love Vaucluse House for the family and dog and the beach across from there is brilliant too.
Bradleys Head and any of the National Parks are a no no for dogs and if the ranger catches you the fine is outrageous.

We have photographed lots of kids and horses and mums and dads with horses and even 2 horses and a Porsche.

We hope to see you and your fur child very soon!

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