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Why you should have your teenagers professionally photographed…

Why it’s important to photograph teenagers? 

As parents we love to capture our children’s milestones while growing up, from newborns to toddlers and young children, but we sometimes forget as they become teenagers and young adults that this time is also so special. 

There are so many changes that take place in someones life, lets not forget how challenging and fun it was to be a teenager!

We know that some teenagers don’t always liked to be photographed and what’s even more embarrassing is being seen in public with your family taking family portraits! However, don’t let this put you off, we can photograph your family and teenagers in the comfort of your own home, where their friends will never know!! Many HSC students will be looking forward to the end of their exams and being able to celebrate with their friends at their school formal. This is such an important moment in time, let us come and capture it for you in style. In years to come they will look back on these memories and be glad they were taken. Don’t just snap this moment on your iPhone, make sure these photos have lasting value and are printed and framed and displayed in your home, plus you will be in the photos instead of just taking them.

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