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Why You Should Take Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and meaningful times in our lives. Discovering you are expecting a baby and watching your body change as they grow inside you is a very magical experience. As your bump increases in size, so will your excitement. The anticipation you feel over meeting your baby becomes something you can barely wait for. Pregnancy is an amazing journey that should be captured!

Expecting mothers will become busier in the preparation of welcoming a newborn, from organising baby clothes, bottles, dummies,  setting up the nursery and then to packing your hospital bag. You will be consumed by the newborn bubble, which will make you even more occupied. You realise that this little person will change your life entirely and it will happen at an instant.  As you count down the days until your little bundle of joy arrives, why not take a break from the preparation and spend some “me time”?  After all, you deserve it! One of the ways to savour the spotlight at this stage of your life is by having your very own maternity photographs taken professionally before your due date. 

A maternity photography session with gm photographics’ creative team is a perfect way to document the first stage of motherhood with the baby you are carrying inside you. Allow us to guide you through several reasons while flaunting your baby bump in front of the camera is something you will not regret!

      1. Celebrate Yourself.

Pregnancy is a magical stage of growing your baby until they are ready to meet the world. However, it is not perfect as you will encounter heaps of physical and psychological challenges. Weight gain and frequent mood swings are not something most of us are used to, but these are some of the things that you will face and, of course, overcome. Regardless of how you feel during this time, it is crucial to celebrate your strength and the beautiful you! Your maternity photographs will show how remarkable your body is for enduring the changes it will be going through and eventually what it went through. It will also make you realise how incredible of a woman you are!  A maternity photoshoot is so empowering!

      2. Capture the joy and anticipation

Maternity photographs serve as reminders of the thrill and excitement you felt while waiting for your baby to grow inside you.  Your images will allow you to reflect in the future about the past.  Your photos  will allow you to look back and enjoy precious moments of your pregnancy and perhaps not so happy times particularly for those nauseous mums, but enjoying the overall experience. Maternity photos can be a shared experience with your loved ones, those close to you and particularly for family who live far away.  You can share your journey with your beautiful new little bub particularly as they grow up.  Let your child see how much love you had for them whilst they were developing in your body, before seeing them, before entering the world, before being held in your arms.  You will not regret having mementos that you will cherish!

      3. Take time to bond with your partner or your whole family

You can have your pregnancy photographs taken with your partner, other siblings and family members, and why not include your pet!  Share the pregnancy experience with your partner.  Some of the most beautiful maternity shots are where the ‘love between the creators is captured’.   The photoshoot with expectant parents is a celebration of the life created. Having a maternity shoot allows you to capture your loving interaction with each other and your unborn child.  It is a great way to mark this milestone together as both of your transition to parenthood or to having a larger extended family. 

If parenthood is not new to you, consider sharing the frame with your other children. 

Make the maternity photoshoot a family affair especially for first time Grandparents.   You can never have too many family photos ! Capturing every family milestone through photography is something to be grateful for in the future !

      4. Pregnancy reveal or your little sweetheart’s gender reveal

There are a myriad of ways to tell the world the news of your expecting and to announce your baby’s gender.  Having a professional pregnancy photoshoot is one of the most fun and creative ways to announce them! You can incorporate themes, backdrops, and props and dress in a way that signify your little one’s sex.  Let your baby bump reveal the secret to your friends, family and why not the world.   Send out personalised photo cards with the news.   Share your happiness with memorable pregnancy photos or create a maternity photo book which you can send out as thank you gifts or incorporate the photos in your baby shower.  

      5. Have an excuse to get all dolled up

As mentioned, pregnancy has its challenges. You will not always feel your best and you may feel you have lost that glow that everyone seems to see but you at the time. Time to get out of the comfy clothes and put on a feel good outfit.  Pamper yourself with getting your hair and makeup done. Get the glow back or at least let the makeup work its way to producing the glow for you. Just remember you will be glamorous no matter what you perceive as truly beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

A maternity photo shoot is a perfect reason to flaunt your pregnancy glow and treat yourself to a pamper session inclusive of all beauty regimes! . Why? Simply because you deserve it ! Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to appreciate and remind yourself of your beauty and strength. If you like, treat yourself with a beautiful maternity dress that will complement the stunning features you possess to make things extra!

      7. Get beautiful images worth displaying

Whilst wedding photographs are a staple display on the walls of most homes why not continue the story through each family event. Wouldn’t it be great to feature every stage of your family’s growth ?  Let your wall tell the whole story from the beginning to the end and to everything in between!   Pregnancy is as significant as every family milestone.   It is definitely worth considering whether this part of your journey deserves to be professionally photographed to occupy that part of the wall where your story continues.   

The gm photographics are masters in capturing the intimacy and beauty inherent in pregnant women. With a natural, candid, and photojournalistic approach, the maternity photographs we capture have been a part of our families’ walls, photo albums, and holiday cards.  Don’t miss the chance and opportunity to have your own pregnancy portofolio and give your growing family the tremendous gifts of quality time and impeccable photographs through a maternity photoshoot with us.

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Contact us to book your very own photoshoot!  Be indulgent, be pampered, be inspired….


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