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Why Your Pet Deserves a Spot in Your Family Portrait

Pets are a source of happiness. They have loving personalities that make us grow fond of them. Taking random pictures of these furry and feathery friends (ours or not) has become second nature to many. Some owners even have Instagram accounts dedicated to their beloved creatures. Such is a fun way of documenting their daily lives and sharing the joy their babies bring to the rest of the world.

Having family portraits is important. These serve as mementos that help us relieve sweet memories and exceptional milestones. More than being beautiful displays in our homes and screens, these images document growth seen in families and members. If you are a pet owner, you may consider joining them for your family portraits! Hence, let us share several reasons why they deserve a special place in your photos :

Pets Complete the Family

Regardless of whether you just got your pet or you and other family members grew up with them, you probably cherish them so much that they become a big part of your life to the point of considering them as a member. When it comes to taking family portraits, no one should be left behind. Imagine not having your pet in the picture. It just would not be the same!

Pets Lighten Up the Mood

As mentioned, pets bring us joy. They could not do anything wrong! Not intentionally, at least. They have a certain charm and exclude playfulness that makes it hard for us to ignore them. Plus, their fun-loving and lively personalities will create a more vibrant and comforting photoshoot, an ideal for fur or feather parents and siblings who are not used to being in front of the camera. If the session gets stressful, trust that your pet will help brighten up the atmosphere and make it more fun!

Pets Make the Shots More Interactive and Interesting

Most pets are highly social creatures. Everyone, especially kids, can play with them during the photoshoot, which will add up to the family dynamics and increase interaction between family members shown in photographs. Moreover, pets can be very playful and expressive. They hardly stay in one place and help spark creativity. To add spice, dress them up in costumes or flaunt the tricks you have taught them. With them, you will have different sorts of photographs! 

It is Something to Remember Them by

Pet owners hope that their fur and feather babies will be around for many years to come. However, it is a sad fact that they cannot be with us forever. Allowing your pets in your family portraits is one of the few ways to immortalize your precious yet fleeting moments with them. When their inevitable passing arrives, you get to have a bittersweet opportunity of looking back at your images together, which may help with the healing process brought about by such a saddening loss.

Everyone Loves Pets

Everyone enjoys looking at animal pictures and videos on the Internet. For most of us, these give an instant serotonin boost. Imagine your family portrait having the same effect! Plus, it can be an extra eye-catcher that may make your picture a conversation starter with visitors you have at home, which can help introduce your whole family, including your fur or feather baby, to your new friends!

Having your pet in your family portrait is a perfect way of celebrating the love and special bond you have with them. At gm photographics, we take it as an honour to photograph precious moments of your whole family, including pets them. With 25 years of experience, our team is equipped with the most amazing tricks and treats to entertain animals. Hence, trust us to capture the most impressive shots with them. 

Considering every family is unique and every family-and-pet relationship is different, we tailor our photography sessions suitable for everyone involved. Whether in your home or any pet-friendly location, we ensure that you will go home with precious photographs that you will cherish forever.

We offer services like Family Portraits, Corporate Photography and Wedding Photography.

Contact gm photographics for an exciting yet relaxed family portrait session with your pet!



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