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Your family as art….The benefits of your family framed on the wall

We live in such a digital age and we all have lots of pics and snaps on our devices, but if you look around your home, how many photos, if any have you printed lately?

Devices and USB’s fail all of the time, iclouds and servers can be unreliable and you can’t always be sure your important photos and memories are safe.

Having great quality professional photos and printing your photos is so important. This way you will always have a hard copy, archival quality photos that will last longer than a lifetime.

We love to revisit our families and see our professional family art pieces hanging on their walls own their homes. Everyone has their own styling of hanging and displaying their gm photographics family portraits.

We were recently asked to photograph a family at Chinamens Beach to sit as the featured art piece in their lounge room. What an honour!

Many of our clients do not usually want a large family photo displayed at home but they will hang a big painting instead.

However, we have found if we photograph in a landscape fashion where the family are small in the picture they love it.

professional photo of family photo hanging in lounge room.

This was the case for the Millner family who said “ We absolutely love this family photo, it sums up who were are and where we’re at today. And my husband who does not like the camera said we should have done this ages ago!”

It’s been said that a home is not a home unless it has a photo of the family displayed. Remember, its not forever unless it’s printed

There are so many benefits of you hanging your framed family photos on the wall;

You and your children get to see the photos every day and enjoy it as a piece of artwork.

It gives you a great sense of family togetherness.

It becomes a family heirloom and can get handed down to your children. Think about all those photos that you grew up seeing in your parents and grandparents homes.

It is a record of the family growing up. Children grow and change in the blink of an eye. A great idea can be creating a family gallery with a wall cluster of images.You can keep adding to your series as the family grows up.

Some of our clients want our help when it comes to displaying their photography pieces. We can arrange our professional hanger, who will come to your home to help you arrange your framed family photos and artworks.

If you have never had professional family photos taken or it’s time that you had an updated family photo session contact us here to get started on organising it today.

If you want our assistance in hanging your artworks give us a call on 9960 4600 and we can discuss some options and come to your home to have a look at your possibilities.

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