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Graham travels to photograph a stunning Goulburn Country Retreat

We left Sydney at 5am to get to the outskirts of Goulburn and make our way to the farm to start family photography by 8am.

The mist was still hanging in the valley. This gorgeous weekender was nestled high up on the hillside. Coffee and kookaburras… what a way to start!

I love backshots of families ! It’s a photo that always works as it makes you think “What are they thinking, what’s happening in their world”

From here we wondered down the valley following the creek line as it meandered to a large clearing and campsite.

After that it was all of us jumping  into the ute and checking out the old homestead and the dam and the cattle.

Weekender shoots are a great evolving story of your family.
And for me a great excuse to escape the city !

Where do you go on your weekends and school holidays ?
Lately we’ve been photographing at Palm Beach, Mudgee, Canberra, the South Coast and beyond.

Here is a peek at the timeless family photo album we designed for the coffee table

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